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Ms. Daphisha Diengdoh
Working out at Gold’s Gym has helped me rediscover

"Working out at Gold’s Gym has helped me rediscover life. I am a much happier person and enjoying life
to the fullest. I hope my story will inspire other too.."

Ms. Shrenika Roshan
My fitness goal

My fitness goal is not to be skinny but to stay FIT. My fitness journey to get back into shape began a year into my marriage. I was 102 Kgs in April 2018 when I joined Gold’s Gym Vashi and today I weigh 83 Kgs

I used to workout at a gym from 2009 to 2012 and then abruptly stopped working out due to my busy schedule. I started gaining weight but initially it did not bother me as I was always on the bulky side since childhood. However later on I felt the full brunt of my weight gain as it was affecting my health and my personal life. It was at this point that I decided that I need to lose weight and stay fit.

At Gold’s Gym I focused on calorie goals and strength training, even when I suffered setbacks I viewed these failures as feedback and continued with my weight loss journey. I showed up every day at the gym and put in a lot of hard work. I have not only lost weight and inches, but also gained muscle mass, stamina and a toned body. This has restored my confidence level to a great extent. I am quite regular with my workout & I am loving this healthy lifestyle.

I am still working on myself because exercise is like addiction, and once you are in it, your body needs it.

Mr. Jayesh Choksi
Gold's Gym Lower Parel West, Mumbaiqwsqws

I am a member of Gold’s Gym Kandivali West and have been so for the past 4 years. I am 58 years of age and skilled mountaineer.

I have been trekking all across India for the past 15 years, but due to my advance age requires to undergo special training at the gym so that I can increase my stamina at higher altitudes. I undergoes specialized training thrice a week on my back, chest and legs and combines it with cardio.

I follows a strict diet and avoids junk food at all costs because I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In the past 2 years I have climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and then Mt Elbrus in Russia. My ultimate goal to climb Mt. Everest which I plan on achieving in 2021

I joined Gold’s Gym because it was a reputed gym and love working out at Gold’s Gym and it is my preferred location to train because of the quality standards, hygiene, discipline of the trainers and staff.

Mihir Mehta